Strzybnica, a district of Tarnowskie Góry, current home to Zakłady Mechaniczne ZAMET from which “STA - ODLEWNIE” comes from, has been connected to the metallurgical industry for centuries. Ferrous metallurgy has been known here already in the times of the Roman Empire which is illustrated by excavations run in the interwar period at the site of today's Zakłady Mechaniczne ZAMET. Here, primitive furnaces called bloomeries were discovered for remelting iron.

During the rebirth of the steel industry at the close of the 14th century, the rapid development of non-ferrous metal metallurgy was accompanied by the growth of ore mining in the region of Tarnowskie Góry. In the second half of the 18th century the development of mining and ore metallurgy occurred on an industrial scale. As a result of discovering rich lead ore, on May 27, 1786 a foundation stone was laid for the construction of the Fryderyk Steel Plant – the cradle of today's Zakłady Mechaniczne ZAMET. Because of this, May 27 1786 is considered as the founding date of ZM ZAMET. In its early stage, the Fryderyk Steel Plant did not have a large amount of resources, hiring only 90 employees. Its development took place in the 19th century when the average employment was 600 employees. With the start of the 20th century, as a result of modernizing the Steel Plant already had its own energy station serving its own needs as well as those of the surrounding cities. The loss of raw materials as a result of changing borders in 1922 led to hampering the development and limiting activities to producing only electric energy.

During the war, the Steel Plant's resources were not used for production purposes. The industrial activities of the Fryderyk Steel Plant were resumed in 1946. The existing buildings were adapted to the needs of machine production in which new machine tools were installed. In the same year, an iron foundry and pattern-shop were started up, together with the following departments: construction and mechanical, raising the plant to the rank of main manufacturer of devices and constructions for the needs of the non-ferrous metal industry.

In 1961 the company assumed the name of ZAMET and this marks the start of its development in the field of modernizing equipment allowing for the production of devices of an increasing level of complication, with parameters equal to those characteristic of devices of renowned world manufacturers in the field of steelwork and mining equipment.

In 1991 Zakłady Mechaniczne ZAMET was transferred into a State Treasury-owned company while in 1993, as a result of privatization, it was transferred into a joint stock company named ZM ZAMET S.A. with the majority share of Mostostal – Eksport S.A. in Warsaw.

Since then, ZAMET has been functioning as a holding company, undergoing ownership restructuring in the changing market conditions. In 1996, a Foundry Plant has been established which, starting January 1, 1997, obtained organizational independence as Z.O. “ZAMET – ODLEWNIE” Sp. z o.o., functioning in the ZAMET Capital group until December 2004.

In 2005 Z.O. “ZAMET – ODLEWNIE” was purchased by “HSW Odlewnie” and became an independent plant separated from the “ZAMET” Capital Group and in September, 2005 it assumed the name of “STA – ODLEWNIE” Sp. z o.o.